Penniless Bards

The Adventure Begins
Session 1

14th day of Abadius 4711

Four new recruits to the Pathfinder Society find their way to Magnimar. Bag, a half-orc alchemist searching for his place in an unfriendly and suspicious world. The journal his adoptive guardian left him has brought him to the Pathfinders and may yet hold other secrets awaiting his discovery. Rock Stone, an oread warpriest and follower of Iomedae. Uncommon among the folk of Varisia, Rock begins his sojourn in the gladiatorial arena and while his strength of arm was obvious it was his faith that brought him out of the fighting pits and into the Pathfinders. Shapier, an ifrit sorcerer born to a Varisian woman and ostracized from the start. Rather than despair over the injustice of his beginning, he honed his innate affinity with fire. Tirisa, a catfolk monk of Erastil newly exploring the wide world and fascinated by all it has to offer. Having studied and trained extensively in the shelter of the monastery, Tirisa seeks to prove her worth to the Pathfinders and has come to Magnimar in response to a summons from Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch.

The four make their way to Heidmarch Manor in the Alabaster District of Magnimar. They are ushered into the manor by Hobbe, a wizened halfling servant with a penchant for only opening the lower half of the large split doors forcing those behind him to open the upper half themselves or duck if they are taller than four feet.

After a brief wait, Sheila Heidmarch and another Pathfinder, Koriah Azmeren, greet the group. Following introductions, Lady Heidmarch leads the recruits into a library and shows them a Thassilonian artifact discovered by Koriah. She then tells them to find a way to open the box and discover what it contains. The group set to work and soon discover the secrets of unlocking the Paradox Box, however, they failed to detect the magical trap guarding the box and released two pugwampi gremlins into the library. Caught by surprise the group quickly recovers and manages to dispatch one gremlin and subdue the other with minimal damage to the library.

Winning Lady Heidmarch’s approval, the newly formed party receive their first real assignment as Pathfinders, find Natalya VanCaskerkin and the mysterious item she is believed to have acquired. Following the leads given them by Sheila Heidmarch, the party decides to visit the Amazing Zograthy.

Traveling through the upper city and down the causeway leads them into the dockway and the Bazaar of Sails. Tirisa is overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of Magnimar’s famous open air market sprawling across much of the waterfront. She is quickly found an easy mark for an urchin pickpocket and an amusing although potentially dangerous sequence unfolds as the party apprehends the child thief and then shakes her down in the middle of the busy market. Narrowly avoiding a potential brawl and retrieving Tirisa’s coin pouch, they continue on their way.

Arriving in Washer’s Row the party locates the Amazing Zograthy and questions him. He is reluctant to provide any information so Rock Stone sits for a Harrow reading and notices signs of drug addiction in Zograthy. Momentarily fascinated by the Harrow reading, the party quickly refocuses on their task and after some badgering and intimidation Zograthy reveals some information regarding Natalya, the recent disappearances, and the nervous behavior of the Sczarni gangs. The party asks Zograthy to arrange a meeting with the Tower Girls and he agrees. As they are leaving, Bag throws a few gold coins to Zograthy, who then reveals some additional details including the name Fenster the Blight who may have more information.


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