Character Creation

Character Sheet – a pdf that can be filled in using Adobe Acrobat Reader or printed out.

All races and classes from official Paizo materials are allowed.

Starting hit points are maximum.

No evil alignments (too much potential for inner party conflict).

You must choose at least one trait from the Shattered Star campaign traits (listed in the Shattered Star Player’s Guide).

Stats are created using a 20 point buy. All ability scores start at a base value of 10. You may increase or decrease any score based on a point cost. No score may be lowered below 7 or raised above 18. This does not include racial modifiers, this is just the base ability score.

Ability scores

Pick a Race

Core Races
Featured Races
(There are also uncommon races, but these are not allowed)

Pick a Class

Core Classes
Base Classes
Hybrid Classes


The number of skills you get to start are determined by race and class. Skills can be used trained or untrained. If you are untrained in a skill, then the only bonus to your roll is the associated ability score bonus and any racial mods. Specific class skills get a +3 bonus if you put a skill rank in them.

For instance, Humans get an additional skill rank or point for each level, so 1 extra rank at level 1. Paladins get 2 + Intelligence modifier skill ranks per level, so with a base intelligence of 10 they would get 2 skill ranks at level 1. Total for this Human Paladin at level 1 would be 3 skill ranks.

You then spend these skill ranks as you like to purchase any listed skill. There is no additional cost for training a non-class skill, but you only get the +3 bonus for specific class skills.

You cannot have more ranks than your level in any one skill. So a level 1 character can have a maximum of 1 rank in any skill.
Skill Descriptions


All characters start with 1 feat. Humans get 1 additional feat. Fighters get 1 bonus feat. Watch for prerequisites when choosing feats.
Feat Descriptions

Starting Equipment

Everyone starts with a basic outfit worth up to 10gp.
Starting outfit

Each player gets addtional starting gold based on their class.
Starting gold


You may select up to 2 traits. At least one of the traits must be from those listed in the Player Guide.
Trait Descriptions

Additional Bits and Bobs

Rules and tables for miscellaneous stuff like alignment, height, weight, starting age, etc…
Additional Rules
Deities of Golarion

Character Creation

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