The planet Golarion orbits a yellow star in a distant corner of the multiverse. A blue world of titanic oceans and massive continents, it spins through the cosmos as it has for tens of millions of years.

More than a dozen worlds neighbor Golarion. Nearest is Castrovel, the Green World, home to lush forests, weird swamps, and oceans of multi-hued gas. Fourth from the sun is Akiton, the Red Planet, a place of deserts that may have once been the beds of ancient oceans. Along with the cratered moon, these worlds loom large on Golarion’s night horizon, although the common man knows little of their origins.

Past the sky, past the planets, past the universe itself dwells the infinity of the Great Beyond, a bewildering assortment of impossible dimensions and mythical domains commonly referred to as the planes. Here are the homes of the gods, and here also dwell the spirits of the dead and the great beasts and creatures of legend — demons, devils, angels, genies.

Golarion has no shortage of dangers all its own, and the world is rife with opportunities for exploration and excitement. The old prophecies have failed and the future is uncertain. The heroes of the current age will be those who step forward to meet the challenges and dangers of Golarion and claim its treasures and glory for themselves.

A world of adventure awaits!

The region of the Inner Sea
The realm of Varisia, Cradle of Legends
Pantheon of the Gods
Golarion Calendar


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